Friday, August 5, 2011

Might I just take a moment to WHINE!

I am not sure I have ever been this tired in my entire life.  And I have had three babies, so that is saying something.

I am emotionally and physically worn out.  Burnt at both ends.  Like a one armed paper hanger.  Like, like, well........I'm just tired.  Too tired to think of any other terms for being just plain tuckered out.

Last night, I made a quick trip to the grocery to pick up a few items we need for camping this weekend (yes- we get to go again!) and I almost just walked out.  I was right there in the soda pop aisle and I had to literally fight back the tears to keep from having a nervous breakdown right there in the store.  I would have given anything for a bench, just to sit down on for a minute and have not a single solitary soul need a single solitary thing from me.  I was so tired. 

But none of this was an option.  Because leaving all of my carefully selected goods at the grocery would just mean I'd have to go back, there was no bench and crying in the grocery store does nothing but scare people (I speak from experience).

So I kept going.  I finished up my shopping, put away my groceries at home, ran a couple more loads of laundry, folded sams and put it away, made a craft with Emily and her FIRST EVER SLEEP OVER friend, played a couple games of Topple, fed them all a snack and then we rented a movie and I collapsed on the couch with my living room full of children.

And today?  I still feel sooo very tired.  But perhaps a weekend of family fun will do the trick.  If not- there is always next week............

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Sarah said...

I am right there with you.....I SOOOOOOO feel your pain. Have fun camping!