Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dog People

When Lewis died, we all knew that we would get another dog.  It was just a matter of when.  And what kind.  The possibilities were endless.  Would we get another beagle?  A hypoallergenic Shitzu?  One of those cute little terriers?  Something tiny I could put in a special purse?  Something huge that could pull a sled?  Endless possibilities.

 None of which included this dog.  This ugly ugly ugly dog.  Lord help me, that is one UGLY dog.

She has been running the neighborhood for a few days.  One morning she was in our back yard.  I finally conceeded and told the kids to put out a bowl of water for her- in my defense it was soooo hot and she was just running around frantic and there was not a drip of water anywhere.

We had an engagement early Saturday morning and as we pulled out of the neighborhood, she was running around at the end of the street. Which meant she was moving on to wider horizons- perfect.  As we got back home, Allyson said "If we see that dog again today I'm going to take it as a sign from God".  I kid you not, as we rounded the corner to our home, that dog was sitting square in the middle of our front freakin' yard.

She was timid and guarded and wouldn't let anyone near her.  I told the kids to leave her be and Emily and I left for a birthday party she had that afternoon.
 By the time we got back, two short hours later, the dog had a name, a collar and was in our back yard playing with a tennis ball with the kids.
 Shortly after she got a bath and an invitation into our house.
Although we have run ads and put up flyers and notified local vet offices, something tells me that this ugly ugly ugly dog is now a Goble.  Rosie Goble.


Latha vijayakumar said...

so cute dog.

survivor.mom said...

I think Rosie is adorable! AWwwwww - What a great addition to your family!! Hand picked by the queen herself. (Is any of this working????) :-)

Mynde said...

Not really. Although I have to admit, each day I find myself hoping that no one answers the ads. We're such suckers!