Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Reasons I love my husband

 Most weeks, Dan is in charge of creating the kids weekly commission charts- which is just a Dave Ramsey fancy name for chore list.  This week, he hung them with electrical tape- which is a step up from Duct Tape, so I thank him for that.
 Our refrigerator has this super fancy schmancy canned soda holding device.  It hangs off of the bottom shelf and is a nice spot to put up to like 8 sodas and not loose a single bit of shelf room.  My husband crams the sodas sideways ontop of the food and then puts his leftover restaurant take out containers in the soda holder.
Recently Dan aquired shorts as part of his work uniform.  Unlike the rest of his uniforms that get sent to some magical place where they wash, mend and press them for him- these have to come home to be washed.  I agreed, because I am like the most angelic perfect wife ever, to wash these for him.  Afterward, I showed him where they were and asked where he would like to keep them.  As in, where were they going to be stored in his closet or dresser.  They haven't moved from the top of my dresser all week.

And the last one- I have not a single picture for.  However, I am the balancer of our finances (Dan is the earner of our finances, so this seems fair).  However, it is more often times like my own personal Easter Egg Hunt only ends with tears and arguing instead of candy filled eggs.  Because Dan most generally used to (he's gotten better) not tell me when he used the debit card.  Then, I would get the pleasure of logging into our account and line by line sorting through the transactions to see what all had cleared.......and what all I was missing.

One particular day I found two transactions to a grocery type store that were within pennies of each other on the same day around the same time.  I had one of them entered- I had gone grocery shopping that morning.  I remember because Dan was home and the kids stayed with him and I went there all alone.  Which doesn't happen very often, that is why I remember it so well.  So I asked him if he happened to have run to the while I was there and buy almost exactly what I did.  He responded no.

The next week, I had to take all three kids to the bank, wait for a banker person, and fill out a form disputing the transaction.  The gal said more than likely it was just an accident and they would probably re-deposit the money before the bank had to contact them.  But she credited our account right then until it was settled.

A week later, they took the money right back out.

Back to the bank I went with all three kids again on a perfectly gorgeous summer day and marched right back into her office.  She pulled the file, read for a long time, looked on her computer for a long time, called another gal in, re read the file, and then explained that apparently the second charge was on Dan's card at the fuel center.  So it wasn't a duplicate at all.

Imagine if you will how COMPLETELY stupid I felt.  And how upset I was to have wasted not ONE but TWO trips to the bank............and this poor womans time...........when Dan just 'forgot' to log a gas receipt.  One that I even asked him directly about, and he still claimed ignorance.

I'm just glad that I don't have strange quirky things that I do to make him crazy.

*disclaimer:  He really is a great husband- even if he misuses construction supplies and couldn't balance a checkbook on his big toe.

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Halala Mama said...

I have a cure for the debit card thing... I lost mine. Because I am an idiot. Now we only have one, his, and it seems to live in my purse until he wants to buy something. Ha! SO I always know when he's used it.