Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Public Service Announcement

We will now demonstrate how to not get stuck in our scary stairs and have to live there forever for the rest of your life:

First- relax.  There is no need for panic.
 You will be unable to pull your big giant noggin straight back through- it will not fit.
 You will need to turn your head to the side and gently pull it back out.
This concludes our announcement.

You're welcome.


Carrie said...

Years ago when my oldest son was little, we lived in the back of a mortuary while my husband was completing an internship on a research farm nearby. That's a story in and of itself, but the apartment had a spiral staircase with open stairs like yours. I was washing dishes one afternoon when I heard my 2 year old calling for help. I rushed to the stairs to find that he'd slid through the opening feet first on one of the top steps and was hanging by his fingers up by the ceiling of the floor below. I raced down the stairs just in time to catch him as he fell. Thank goodness this particular child was a fast learner and didn't try that particular trick again. =) I had to laugh at your pictures. Too funny.

Mynde said...

Might I just say how glad I am that I've only had to 'catch' a child falling from our stairs once myself : )