Thursday, August 11, 2011

Camping #2

 Last Friday we journeyed deep into the woods for weekend number 2 of camping in a row.  And by deep into the woods, I mean we went to a campground with bathrooms, a pool, a restaurant and electric/water sites.  But the good news: this trip we fit everything into ONE vehicle!  Trips prior we just gave in and drove both cars- because it takes a lot of stuff to camp ya'll.  This time, we took the two middle seats out and crammed that puppy full- floor to ceiling- squished the kids in the back and took off for our drive.  We could hear them- but we couldn't see them.
 Half way there I rearranged some 'stuff' and made it so that they could watch a movie.  Because their constant fighting/whining/bickering was wearing on me.
 Each kid had a playmate during this trip- so it was totally awesome.  And Sam's partner brought his own bag of wheeled awesomeness and a private play tent- so they were in complete heaven most of the time.  This photo, for the record, is the only photograph taken while not riding in something.  I need to work on getting the old camera out know, other than when we are riding something.
 Here we are on our wagon ride to the orchard

Our deluxe accomodations.......(we're the tent, our friends had the camper) (taken while riding the trolley)
And here we are on our trolley ride around the campground.  It was so relaxing we went around twice, plus they were passing out free popcycles to the kids so it was doubly refreshing.  I think it might be the only time during the weekend that the kids weren't asking to go to the playground.

It was a wonderful weekend with wonderful friends and many memories were made.  Emily declared it the best camping EVER since no one the weekend before. 

I couldn't agree more.

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Sharon said...

I just have to laugh at the interior van shot -- I can see Sam's head, Ally's head but where is my Emmy??? You have finally got it down -- you're travelin', if Dan can just figure a way to get my rocking chair on top . . . .