Monday, August 1, 2011


Over the weekend, a very special part of our family died.  Lew Lew the Wonder Dog past away while camping with us Saturday night.  Instantly the loss felt so huge, so unbearable that the tears just didn't stop.  Leaving that campground without him was aweful.  Coming home into the house and not having him here was worse.  Such a huge part of our family he was, I miss him so horribly much.  We have made arrangements to have him cremated so that we can bury him here in our yard next to Daisy, our other dog who died when Emily was a baby.  I want him back with us- even if it is just his remains.

He was in fact the perfect dog for our family.  At the time that he came to live with us (see the picture on the bottom left) Sam was a year old and Emily was three.  Allyson was finishing up Kindergarten.  He was mature, not chewy, house broken and completely  happy to take the back seat and sleep most of the day away.  We were so very blessed to have him with us.  I only wish it could have been for longer.

Thank you Lewis for sharing the last part of your life with us.  I pray that you know how very much we love you, how sorry we are if you were uncomfortable when you died, and how much I wish that you could have stayed here with us for longer.

We will never ever forget you.  You were the best Lew we could have every had.

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