Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sometimes I use my blog to communicate with my husband........forgive me

Dear Husband,

You think you are stealth, but you are not.  See, I have three- count them     t h r e e    spy cameras installed all up in your business and there is nothing you can do that I won't know about.

Which means I know.  Oh yeah, I totally know.  Everything.  Including your little trip to the automobile store this week and your shopping for a little car to get back and forth to work in.  Little as in a two seater.

I'm here to tell you right this very minute that there is NO POSSIBLE WAY you are going to buy some small two seater sports car to drive while convincing me that the low gas mileage will save our financials.  Because I drive a mini van with radio disney blaring from the speakers.  There are chicken nuggets under the seats, crayons in the cup holders and someone wrote 'peace' in the dust across my back window.  There is no way that you will be getting anything cool to drive.  Gas savings or not.

Just a heads up.  I'm onto you.

Your way cool wife who sometimes closes her eyes and pretends shes in a convertible and hasn't picked her own radio station in YEARS

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Dan said...

Who ratted me out???