Friday, July 29, 2011

Survival of the fittest

Last year, my family started a new tradition.  It involves sweating, eating cold meat sandwiches, swimming in a lake and random chit chat.  Welcome family camping trip 2011!

Truth is, they NEED me on this trip.  Who else would kill and clean their dinner?  I mean, this is primitive every man for yourself kind of living.  For three whole days. Do or die. They will totally be depending on my wild life survival skills.  It's tough being the provider for this many people man.

I just hope that our spots are somewhere near the bath house.  I'm a middle of the night pee'er and there isn't much worse than trucking across blocks of dark pavement running and crossing your legs to get to the facilities.  I also hope that Dan can fit the oscillating fan in the van along with our air mattresses, lawn chairs, board games and tote full of keebler cookies and marshmallows.  I also kind of hope we can put our tents in the shadow of my brothers camper.  That would be delightful.

Not sure how the pioneers did it.  Had to be rough trying to load those wagons........

Happy Camping!

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