Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Men are from Auto Zone, Women are from Bed, Bath and Beyond

When we bought this house a little over 8 years ago- it needed some love.  And by love I mean dry wall spackling, floors, appliances, paint, and fixtures.  It was kind of trashed and we were just the people to bring it back to life.

Dan and I instantly both knew this was our home the moment we stepped inside the door.  And the idea of working together to make it our home was, surprisingly, exciting for both of us.  For different reasons I suppose.

I got to pick out new towel racks for the bathrooms as one of my many tasks, because neither had any.  Because I'm indecisive, I used my traditional method of selection- the clearance rack.  And I found the PERFECT towel bar with matching toilet paper holder.  And I bought both- because these kind of items should obviously match, duh. 

They are both a chrome/stainless steel- kind of trendy and industrial.  Both have small metal balls that screw on.  On the towel bar they are simply for looks.  On the toilet paper holder they are for function too.  The bar that holds the paper sets down inside of the grooved holders and the balls on the end keep it from sliding in and out at inconvenient times.  And by inconvenient, I mean when you are trying to wipe your heiny.  Or a small childs heiny.

When Sam was little- like 2-3ish- he was so intrigued by this bar.  And it took him like 3 seconds to figure out that the small chrome balls actually unscrewed from the bar and became like large shiny marbles.  Every day I would find them and put them back on the bar.  Sometimes more than once.

Until one day when I could only find one of the two big shiny functional chrome marbles.  Which made my super trendy, love of my life, toilet paper holder only kind of functional.

A few months ago Dan said I had to replace the toilet paper holder.  But I could never do that.  Because then I would have to buy a new towel bar too, and I just can't handle that kind of stress in my life right now.

He said if I didn't, he was gonna fix it himself.  Done.  Sounds perfect to me.  He could go and find another small chrome ball and we could all wipe our heinys in peace without constantly picking up the paper and bar from the floor. 

Except he doesn't really have the eye for detail that I was hoping for.   And now I am shopping for a new toilet paper holder afterall.


Dan said...

That was an improvement...those brass ends are expensive. It says "a man lives here too".

Mynde said...

Silly husband- there is other evidence in that room that identifies that : )