Monday, June 13, 2011

Who ordered this?

I can't even begin to come up with something to share today......mainly because in 30 minutes I have to have all three children packed into the car and ready for a 4 hour round trip journey to take allyson to 'surprise' church camp.  I say 'surprise' because she wasn't supposed to leave until next Sunday but they cancelled that camp due to low enrollment so 'SURPRISE' we had to pick a new week- and that week starts today.

I feel over and beyond blessed to see her so excited to get to go.  I also feel overwhelmed because our life lately has resembled some what of a circus and throwing this in on such short notice has dang near been enough to make my head come off.

Regardless- I wanted to share a picture from my nephews graduation party that I haven't gotten to blog about yet.  Just a reminder that if you look around your home and think that perhaps you need to devote more time to cleaning and tidying..........somewhere in the world is a mother who is dealing with the aftermath of this:
I'm sure her bathroom will never be the same.

For the record- she is a beautiful, fun, highly intelligent young woman who just happened to dye her hair a vibrant pink/purple that in turn made her hands, neck and sides of her face pink.  And I spoke to her mother and expressed my condolences for their bathroom- to which she responded that her daughter and some comet have a very serious date when they left the openhouse.

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