Monday, June 27, 2011

Monkey in the Middle

I suppose I've gotten used to Allyson doing all the 'big kid' stuff.  Camp.  School events (without me). Field Trips.  Sleepovers.  She's on the go most of the time.

But now I am trying to embrace throwing Emily into that mix.  This morning was her first day at girl scout camp.  She has been counting down the days for a week.  But this morning, as we got dressed to leave, she snuggled up in my arms and with giant huge crocodile tears declared she didn't want to go unless I was there.  And that she was scared.  So scared.

Obviously I offered to keep her here forever and ever and we'd read books and bake cookies and snuggle- but she wanted to go anyway.

And so at 7am we put that little bitty girl on that giant huge bus and sent her on her way.

And I am counting down the minutes until I can pick her up this afternoon at 4:15.  I hope it is a super wonderful day for her.  Dang, I miss her already.

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