Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I love a parade!

Saturday was the annual Ball Day Parade for the kids ball teams.  It's a big deal to a little town, trust me.
 Mr. Davis- our favorite school principal ever (who is retiring this year, boo!) was the head chief parade guy (I can't remember what the name is- sorry)!
 Here's Sammy's team!  THE BATS!
 This is the team Sam wants to be on next year.  As long as whoevers Dad volunteered that truck for the parade will do it again next summer, that is.
 Allyson's team didn't participate in the parade, so we hitched a ride on a friends float.  She had a blast!
 Emily's Princess team won third place in the float contest which bought us FREE bracelets for all the jump houses we wanted for the whole entire day!
Considering it was like BLAZING freakin' hot- we called it quits around 3pm once we wrapped up all three kids games, a few pop cicles and an hour of bouncing.  (My shoulders are still burned).

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