Sunday, June 19, 2011

You reicka happy birthday- yes?

So after much debating (in my head- just me and my different selves, back and forth back and forth.....exhausting) 'we' decided to let the kids each pick a gift for their dad and then 'my' gift would be more of an evening out experience thing.

Shopping with the kids to pick gifts is exhausting- that shoulda been my gift right there. 
Allyson- she knew what she wanted to get him and had for weeks.  It was a big giant enormous travel mug thing with a handle that would hold like 50 ounces of mountain dew and it said 'bubba' on the front.
Sam- we've already discussed- wanted seat covers for 'the truck'.  Which we settled on me sewing a camo arm rest cover thing and called it a day.  The kid was thrilled- and is now anxiously awaiting the day that I use the left over fabric to make him a matching booster car seat cover for 'the truck'.
Emily.  Well she tried to foil the whole stupid thing.  She picked out hello kitty duct tape- which was PERFECT.  Sam made me promise Dad wouldn't use it on the seats in 'the truck', no promises made (sorry sam).  But then she decided she wanted to get 'dad' a new Wii game.  And Sam did too.  And there were tears, tempers, tantrums and turbulence right there in Target (oh the places you'll go) until I decided they they were trying to trick me.  No more did Dad want a new video game from them then he wanted new pots and pans from me (although I tried to justify it- because he does eat the food I cook on said pots and pans, kind of really a gift more for him than me anyway- right?)  She re-decided on the duct tape and a new wallet for him.  We dried Sams tears and left the video game department.
His birthday evening?  A night on the town sponsored by ME!
We made reservations at a local japanese steak house where they cook at the table.  I knew the food would be horrible to us all but Dan (the kids only like the chinese buffet for the ice cream machine after all) but the experience would be fun.  And boy was I right!

Dueling chop stick wars
Onion soup (soup my a$$- that stuff was just water with three slices of mushrooms floating in it- 'you no like soup?'- uh, no)
Flaming egg onion fire towers
Allyson realizing that chicken is really just big pieces of giant raw meat before it gets flipped all over on the grill next to steak and shrimp.

There's Dan having the chef throw food into his mouth (you move head side to side- yes?) Nice catch Dan!
My meal- some kind of chicken, 'spaghetti' (you no fool me chef cooker man- that is just some kind of sprout!), fried rice and grilled veggies (under the 'spaghetti').  Up there in the corner- two dishes of sauces- one for shrimp and one japanese ketchup (which Dan called oyster something or other and I call plain not good).
And the grand finale- japanese fried ice cream and a happy birthday song.  The sparkler was just really to keep allyson and emily's dingy little chop sticks OUT until we got done singing I think.

We then went to the movie theater and saw poppers penguins (really good) and ate like two buckets of pop corn because DAMN I WAS STILL STARVING! Then home- for the final event of our evening......

Birthday Cake: which was store bought cheese cake with a mulberry scented candle from the dining room center piece because some huge failure of a wife ran out of time to make the homemade cake Emi and I planned and then she forgot to buy birthday candles to boot.

Fun Fun Family Night.  However, next time, in an effort to perhaps spend a bit less cashola, I'm gonna fire up my electric skillet on the dining room table and speak with a funny accent. 

Happy Birthday Dan.  We love you so very much.  Thank you for a fun night out in your honor and for understanind about the birthday candle thing.


Dan said...

Thanks for everything. I loved it all. The seat cover will be special as I know you hate that truck. I had a great evening and love you all.

Timmy said...

Today and tomorrow is "father's day", you can celebrate one more thing tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

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