Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Not just some kid with a camera

Dear official photography company for the kids baseball teams,

We received the kids photo packages this week, and boy was I wrong when I mumbled under my breath after waiting AN HOUR past our scheduled time that hot hot summer day about you being just a 15 year old with a $2000 camera.  I mean every year I wonder if I REALLY want to spend the cash to get the 'official' photographs of the kids in whatever activities they are in- which is a lot.  And when you multiply that by 3 (because I have three children, try and keep up here) it becomes even more.  Like by a lot.

So you can imagine my HUGE sigh of relief when I opened Sam's team photo package this week.

And to think I almost missed my chance to 'officially' document this forever.  And by 'officially' I mean without the coaches heads- but really, they aren't even on the team anyway, why should they take up valuable real estate?  I'm just glad that it wasn't MY kid who's face was blocked by the wiggly unattentive blonde kid in the middle.

Great job, keep of the great work, and by great work I mean catching that look of complete constipation on the first kid on the left in the front row.  I bet if you would have bothered to snap more than one picture you would have completely missed it.

Mother of the wiggly kid- front and center, AKA you'll never see another penny out of me (not really- cause I'm a sucker- see you next year!)


Ronda said...

Holy cow! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!

Mynde said...

Glad to be of service- that will be $14 please.........

Mynde said...
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