Friday, July 1, 2011

An update of sorts

It's been a little nutty this week, so my posting has suffered.  But in case you are here, wondering how we are doing, we are all fine.  And by 'fine' I mean all five of us are on antibiotics (Emily tested positive for strep throat earlier in the week- yay us), having to have emily at girlscout camp bus pick up at 7am each morning is kicking all our heinys and Dan is still working another strange shift this week so I am still like a single mom who still has to wash dirty man laundry.

 Allyson got her braces back on this week.  Yes- she endured the first set, got a break for a year or so, and now we get to pay $5000 more dollars she has her second set on and the two year countdown started.  I feel so blessed that we can do this for her.  She just feels sore.
 Sam is our new guinea pig whisperer.  He packs them around fairly frequently and I find it quite charming.  He even gets them out of the cage all by himself and this week he mastered the art of filling the water bottle.  He is also adjusting to having his sisters home all the time, which says a lot.
 Oh dear.
As for Emily-      wait, that's not emily.  That was friend who spent the night last weekend.

There's Emily.  You can't see her because she's not here.  I put her on the bus to girlscout camp yesterday morning with tears streaming down her cheeks as she worried about the overnight camp out she had been eagerly anticipating until just a few hours before.  And then I, leave it to me, managed to make it worse by telling her that all she had to do was have them call and I'd come get her if she changed her mind and didn't want to sleep over.  Then once on the bus, I was informed that they would not call me unless it was an emergency.  As I explained this to Emily, she grabbed her backpack, she was coming home with me.  Until I said I was not going to drive all the way to camp for the last two days- it was do or die.  She either went, or she didn't- her choice.  So she stayed, but was crying.  And I cried for over an hour.  Last night, I called camp because I was worried.  They said I should probably come get her if I wanted, she was still upset about sleeping over.  And I was on it!  I couldn't wait to go get her.  A few moments later, my cell phone rang.  It was Emilys group leader.  Emily caught wind of me coming to get her and she decided she was staying.  I got to speak to her and she said she didn't want to come home- she was ready to stay and sleep in that tent with her friends.

And so she did.  And I noticed late last night it was raining.  I can't wait to go pick her up today- this has been just an emotional train wreck for me.  No more big girl stuff for Emily- that's that.

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