Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gotta get my groove on

The kids have successfully wrapped up another year of school.  And summer is in full swing at our house.  Which basically translates to the kids are all up in my junk and I've been thrown completely off kilter.

I had my groove on.  During the week, I was up at 6:15ish with Ally-scooted her out the door at 6:45- and then me and my coffee had a full hourish to myself before anyone else was added to the mix.  My time to plan my day, catch up on any blogs that I read, update my poor little pathetic blogs, watch any news, handle any quiet household chores, start some laundry.  And then an hour later I felt nourished and awake and ready to start my day.

And now- that is all history.  Today is #2 of waking up with Sam, which means any me time early in the morning is replaced with a constant demanding nagging that Sam rises from bed with.  And he is greeted with a grumpy, coffeeless momma who lacks patience and understanding when coming straight out of bed.  Add to this mix a husband that has been moved to somewhere between third and first shift and I'm a huge jumbly mess of a mom who can't figure out what to cook for dinner and is dang near out of clean underwear (sorry if that is too much info).

Because my norm has been shuffled, I have neglected to do my standard two loads of laundry each morning which means that I am now almost a week behind in laundry which translates to a heck of an out of control laundry situation. 

I gotta find a new groove.  Cause this isn't working.

This morning- Sam came and early on asked for a bath.  This kid is obsessed with baths lately.  But I knew that his desire for a bath translated to enough time for me to make a pot of coffee and capture enough time to wake up without anyone demanding anything of me.  So I totally started the water running, added some bubbles and went to find my piping hot brewed morning deliciousness.
 Which was not one of my better decisions. 
Note to self:  Never assume that a small boy child will know when 'enough bubbles' is and turn the jets off on his own.

I apologize for my lack of attention to this poor blog- it's just not the same writing my mindless dribble with a child interupting me every 15 seconds with demands to build a tent in the living room, make them a cup of 'coffee' or turn on that blasted Wii for the 18th time that day.  It will all get better soon hopefully as we get used to all this blasted company in the house.  If not- see you in August.

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Halala Mama said...

I had that same schedule/underwear problem. I bought more underwear. It improved my moods greatly. ;)