Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Keepin' my eyes to the skies

Our internet connection (which coindicentally is also our phone line) has been sketchy, at best, for the past couple of weeks.

It will be on, and then BAM gone, then back, then gone.  Sometimes for hours at a time.

Dan called our provider (from his cell phone, because no internet/house phone, remember), and spent forever with them 'fixing' it.  And they did their fancy thing they do over there way far away and then it was better.

Until it wasn't.  And so he called.  Again from his cell phone (remember????no house phone- try and keep up here).  He explained that his wife was a super important highly read blogger stay at home mom and had lots of super important stuff to update on a daily basis needed something to do other than laundry and the entire livelyhood of our home  existance of her sanity depended solely upon this internet connection and our 800 year old desk top.

Clearly they scheduled a service call, and pronto.  They've probably heard of me.

And then they called back the next day to confirm the appointment and said since he answered the phone it was obviously working so they would cancel the service call instead.

He politely explained that it was intermitent- and to please not cancel the service call.  And if they could kindly try and make it here before the end of eterinty we would be much obliged.  He may have used bad words.  And had a less than pleasant attitude.

I got a call this morning that said they had a tech in the area and wanted to confirm we would be home.  4 minutes later he rolled up our drive way.  I barely had time change out of my jammies.  He put on footies when he came in the door- and it made me laugh because Sweet Mother of Pearl this place is a pig sty and I was worried that his fancy cloth booties might make clean spots in my dusty floor.

He did his thing in here, then out there, then in here, then out there.  Then he produced some connection thingy and showed it to me and said it had probably been hit during a storm.  By lightening.

No joking.  Lightening struck my house.  Probably the same day it struck me.  And now I'm joining the witness protection program because OBVIOUSLY something is trying to kill me.

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