Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Campers Unite!

Yesterday- we loaded up Allyson, her bedding, her clothing, a fan and her hair straightener and drover her to that little bitty town for a week of church camp.

Typically in the past we have pulled up, parked up front, been welcomed by folks we know and a dozen or two other kids.  Yesterday, the only available parking spots were clear out BY THE MAIN ROAD and instantly my heart began to race.

The place was packed.  There were three registration tables based on age groups and kids dragging suitcases everywhere.  Every.where.  There must have been 100 kids there- at least. 


Even Allyson quieted and withdrew inside of herself.  I knew she was worrying.  We chatted as we waited, but all the while her eyes were darting back and forth among the sea of kids- of whom she knew no one.

I know she will make friends.  I know she will fit in.  I know she will have a good week.  But it sure was a bit hard to leave her there this year.  I pray the Lord protects her and provides a great week in His name for her to grow from.

Next year, Emily will be eligible to attend.  Pardon me, I'm off to have a stroke.

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Sarah said...

We always went to Faith Journeys and LOVED it. Never went to any other camp. I still know a lot of the counslers/directors. I hope that she has a great week and loves it as much as we did!!