Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Training for the mini (the mini mini)

So, my psychotic friends have decided it would be 'fun' to walk the mini. Some of them even suggested running it- can you imagine? But we are not crowd people, so one of the gals (not to name names- Ronda) said she will prepare a route for us out in the country. Just this group of us. No gatorade stations, no free t-shirt, no golf cart shuttle when you collapse, no paramedics- just us and the beans.

She (again, Ronda) mentioned a mini- mini. I was thinking 'Heck yeah, a mini mini- what 2 miles with a rest stop 1/2 way?' She meant 'the full mini- just in a different spot of town mini'. Ackkkk.

No one else thinks it's a big deal, so I was all 'pushhht- 13 miles. I'm in'. Eeee gad.

Then there was a training calendar circulated, it says we should start training on Jan 12. Since I am such a fine specimin of health and fitness, I decided to wait to start until then.

Now my foot is all 'ouch'. It is getting better, so for now I am still planning to begin my training. Sometime.

What in the heck am I thinking? I guess, in the Fall, I was thinking "this will motivate me to get all skinny and hot". Now that it's Winter and the mini- mini bean field tour is coming rapidly, and I am soooo not skinny and hot, I gasp at the thought.

If I can walk a 25 minute mile- which I can in the air conditioned gym on a treadmill (with restroom facilities should I decide to take a pee), then it will take me a mere 5 hours and 42 minutes to walk this death trap. If I can maintain that fast pace the whole time (which I doubt).

My friends will laugh, their husbands will laugh, my children will laugh. I will cry.

What on earth will motivate me to get off my sorry behind and do something about this? I eat a lot of bread, sometimes for meals with nothing else, I adore sweets, which I try not to bring into the house, but for crying out loud- I eat the yogurt with the enzymes. You know- the miracle stuff that regulates digestion and all other bodily functions. What's up with that?

I'm going to do this. I am.

But it will not be 'fun'. I know it won't. They are liars, my friends. They also probably think it will be fun to rip out our toenails afterwards, and then shave our legs with a lawn mower. I digress. This is my choice to participate. I know that. I will try (really hard) not to whine too much.

I plan to bring the snacks. Whiskey and pretzels.

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Ronda said...

Psychotic? I think not, my friend. Of course, do people with real psychological needs recognize themselves. I don't know.

Plus, I think I am going to get t-shirts...so there. You're in again, aren't you, at the prospect of a free t-shirt?

Rebecca did bring up the time factor the other day. we may want to rethink the distance. We'll walk a bit, and get back to that. No worries, my dear!

And I still think injuring your foot is a ploy to get out of this. You can't play that card until May...we're onto you! ;)