Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Birthday- again but different this time

Here she is, my super dee duper 5 year old. It makes me gasp to type that, let alone say it. 5 years old. Could it be possible?

Dan and I had decided to try for another child a year or so before we conceived her. I was hoping to get pregnant prior to moving- so that I could get a 'free pass' from painting, carrying boxes and moving furniture. But no such luck.

Fortunately- I was super busy with the Allyson, the air show, and our move to our current home which needed alot of 'love' (aka- paint, drywall, flooring, cleaning, and on and on and on). I didn't focus on the fact that my womb was empty- I had given that to God and we were just waiting.

Like 15 seconds after we moved into our home, I was pregnant with Emily. Everything slid into place- our new home was perfect, and felt so right to be there- and now a new baby was coming.

Needless to say, the year flew by. I was 5 months pregnant during the air show that year, and I remember I could only think about walking tacos. Riding on the golf cart made me vomit (sorry- but it's true) so I either drove like a snail or just walked. And then, I blinked, and it was January 16 and I was at the hospital having my Emily.

My Emily. She is growing so very quickly, it makes me gasp. She is my snuggler, my book reader, my child who is always up for some time with me- no matter what it is I am doing. In the picture I posted, she is wrapped up in what was her baby blanket. She loves it, it will always be her blanket. She refused to pass it to 'the baby' Sam when he was born.

Today it is like 49 degrees below zero, and although the furnace is running NON STOP it is a bit chilly in here. School was cancelled, our lunch play date with preschool friends is cancelled, and if it doesn't warm up a bit- I'm sure Dan is going to cancel our duck pin bowling date tonight. Whatever, either way we have a birthday girl, birthday presents, and a big bad strawberry birthday cake. With five (gasp) candles.

Be still my heart.

Happy Birthday my sweet Emily.


Ronda said...

Happy birthday, Miss Emily!

Rebecca said...

Happy birthday Emily!!!
Yum Strawberry cake good choice. Where's the picture of it?