Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I have a dream..............................

That I would not have all of our pool toys inflated and on the kitchen counter, waiting an upcoming beach vacation that is still 2 months away.

That my home would not look like a tornado just came through despositing shoes, bendaroos and various play items everywhere.

That my dishwasher could unload itself.

That laundry, if only for a brief moment, could be all washed folded and neatly put away.

That all toys in our home could be in their designated spots- all with their associated pieces neatly organized with them.

That my kitchen cabinets are functional and tidy.

That my banister railing could be finished, stained and sanded.

That my gutters were leafless and non over flowing with frozen water.

That my children could play together- without screaming.

That my excess weight would just begin to melt off of my sexy mom body that is buried within.

That, if only for a brief moment, 'everything' was done and I literally had 'nothing' to do.

That dinner could spontaneously produce itself on my kitchen table.

That my lottery numbers could be called.

That the mail could run on Martin Luther King Jr. Day- only because I managed to drag myself out of the car in the cold to go to the post office.

No earth shattering dreams here people, just my selfish ones. Probably why there won't ever be a Mynde day, huh?

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