Thursday, January 8, 2009


I have 'noffin' to report from our neck of the woods. We are just hanging out here in our overly christmas still decorated house- waiting on the crew who is supposed to come through and put all this stuff away. How embarrassing, they are really taking their time getting here. Heck, I may have to break down and start taking some of it down myself- sheesh!

And on another count of 'noffin', I bring to you headlice. I don't actually bring them to you, because I don't have them. But just the mention of them makes me itch like crazy. I check the children 84 times a day. Interestingly enough, I have NO idea what I am looking for, but I check and check and check. Kids in allyson's class have them, and I am just hoping beyond hope that we don't manage to get them. I will die. Die die die. I simply can't do it. We'd have to buy all new stuff- carpet, pillows, sheets, blankets, stuffed animals, toothbrushes, toilet wands- all new. And we'd have to move. Not to mention I would sure miss Allyson, when I sold her and her headlice to the gypsies.

You're itching now, aren't you. See.


Ronda said...

I am sitting here scratching my head over noffin. You suck.

Sharon said...

Head lice!!!! I remember my first experience with those -- in fact, it was on YOUR head on the Fourth of July when you were about Emily's age. I was combing out your hair and saw one on your scalp. I'd never seen one before but the minute I made its acquaintance visually, I KNEW!!!!....and my world fell apart! How awful a Mom I must be that my baby had lice -- what had I forgotten to clean...was my home that filthy that these awful creatures decided to live there etc etc. I took it SO PERSONALLY but good old Dr. Grimes straightened me out. He was so calm, told me what to go get at the drugstore and then I insisted he inspect you after I had used it and he did and it was no big deal(his twins had just had them also). I too was ready to toss everything made of thread but he laughed and told me to get a spray that they sell for that purpose and how to use it and other than the four that I found on your head that Fourth, never experienced them again. BUT, I will NEVER forget that weekend. Now I look back and laugh. You had gotten them from a little girl you played with at the sitter's (her head was FULL of them).

Oh, my baby, you are sooooo like me:) By the way, they are teensy little long almost clear bugs that can really move fast.

Ooohhhh, am getting off here to go brush my itching head and maybe shampoo:)