Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's Christmas (finally)

I am delinquent in posting about Christmas. I suppose it's because I still can't believe it has came and gone. I am having a tough time even thinking about taking down the decorations, it seems too early in my over tired brain.

But it was nice. We had a wonderful Christmas- even though we neglected to find the opportunity to attend a Christmas Eve worship (whaaaaaaaa!) But we did bake a birthday cake for Jesus- he was still our focus even though we didn't make it to church.

I have been putting off sorting through pictures to post, and apparently (as you will see) I didn't do a good job of narrowing it down- so for your viewing pleasure (or pain?) here are wayyyy too many photos:
Christmas Eve we spent the evening at my mom's house. It was nice. Despite my trip to Meijer on the way, which totally crashed my mood by the way (note to self- NEVER save anything to be purchased on Christmas Eve, even though the stores are open. DO NOT GO), we had a wonderful visit, food and lots of fun.
Yes- I did in fact allow Emily to dress like this. She picked it out, put it on, and was proud as punch- and it was just my family so who cares, right? And, look how happy she is. Only at Grandma's do they get to drink a soda right out of a can.
And as the evening came to a close, and Sam dang near collapsed from exhaustion, we drug them home to get ready for a visit from the big guy himself.
And at 5:15 AM, we received the word (from Allyson) that Santa had in fact come!
Check out Emily, burnin' rubber to get out to that tree! Sam and Allyson flew by too fast, I missed them.

Cracks me up- as parents Dan and I (and my mom I might add) spent most of the morning with screw drivers and scissors in hand trying to remove these toys from their 'super sonic' packaging. Toys, that I might add, seem to break into pieces when you breath on them- but the packaging will last for years to come!

Here is Allyson who just spotted a bike on the deck with her name on it. Her knees were banging her handle bars, so needless to say this was a well welcomed addition!

Christmas Day we enjoyed a nice dinner and company at Dan's sisters house with his side of the family. It was nice. Until Sam melted down from too much sugar, lack of sustainable nutrition, and way too little sleep. Then we packed them up and ventured home- no need to continue the show in front of everyone.
There are more Christmas pictures- but they are trapped in my new fancy fangled camera that Dan got me for Christmas and I have no idea how to get them off of it. Or how to really even use the thing. I am a creature of habit, slow to embrace change. So far, this new camera has spent the majority of it's life sitting on the counter. I will learn to use it, I will. Just give me time. Lucky for me, it came from Ronda- so she will learn me to use it!


Sharon said...

Judging from the picture you posted (without my permission I might addLOL) of Sam & Yours Truly, he wasn't the ONLY one who looks ready to collapse from exhaustion!!! My goodness, this picture looks like what I envision I'll look like after the undertaker gets done applying my makeup. You know, I think I'll design bags(see thru from the inside, of course) with beautiful lifelike images that you can throw over your head after you reach 'that point' and then be able to rest assured that all the unexpected photos captured by loving family members will be lovely and awe-inspiring. We will call ourselves 'Bag Ladies'.

Just kidding -- you know, I remember sitting there with Sam that nite....he was snuggling up into me and we were talking about Santa Claus and Jesus' birthday and it was so peaceful with him there -- I think some kind of 'Christmas Magic' going on. Loved it!!!


Ronda said...

O.k., darling. In the box is a USB's white. Put the big end into your computer, and the little end into the camera. There is only one slot on the left side of the camera that it will fit into, and you can't hurt anything. Turn on the camera, and your computer will probably do the rest.

I can help you more tomorrow, but tonight is the big game, and I must support the team. (I'm talking football, my dear, because I know you're wondering!)