Thursday, March 17, 2011

Top of the mornin' to ya

I love St. Patricks Day!  Actually, I love any day that involves fun little things that don't require a bunch of planning on my part.  Christmas is totally awesome- don't get me wrong.  I look forward to celebrating the birth of our King every year.  But 'we' have added so much to it that it is like work.  Dinners, presents, decorations, school programs, plays, cookies, takes some preparation.

But St. Patricks Day?  Just wear a little green and grab a bottle of food dye and the world is your oyster!  Green milk!  Green cookies!  Green koolaide!  Green pancakes!  (Green Apple Martinis!)

Throw in a visit from the leprechaun who plays little tricks on the kids on st. patricks day morning (like dying the toilet green and filling their rooms with green balloons) and a parade and VOILA!  instant fun day!

Hope yours is too!  Feeling blue?  Take the opportunity to pinch someone, it will lighten your spirits!