Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Date Night

Tonight Dan and I have a date.  We're going to a concert.  It's gonna be awesome.

And we're going to have a fabulous dinner.

Did I mention I'm making the dinner?  Yeah- after I get done with Emi's math club at 4:30, we're gonna rush home so that I can make a dinner of grilled fish, mashed potatoes and steamed veggies with a salad.  And pie for dessert. 

But I don't get to stay and eat it.  I'm leaving at 5pm with Ally to get her heiney to the school.  She has to be there by 5:30.  But Dan and his parents will enjoy the dinner.

And they'll be at the school at 6pm.  Because the concert we are going to?  It's Allyson's 5th grade band concert.

What?  It's like a date night only with small children, my inlaws, no dinner and an after party that is gonna rock the casba.  I know, because I get to help throw it for all 100+ kids.  But Dan doesn't.  He will take our small beings home to start their baths.  Only one cool parent can help at the after party per child- and I won the coin toss.

Ha!  And you thought YOUR life was fun.

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