Friday, March 25, 2011

My new friend

There are several things I had contemplated posting about this morning.  But I will have to save them for another day, because I've got this new demanding friend that is sucking up all my time this morning.

His name is Dave.  Dave Ramsey.  And HE thinks I should have my check book balanced to the penny.  Which means that my current method of 'here's our total- give or take a couple hundred' isn't what he wants.


Now I painstakingly record every single transaction in our checkbook register.  Every check, payment and debit card purchase.  And I bring down the total.  I even play detective and go online to track down what Dan's been buying- which is just gas and mountain dew basically.  Sometimes that total shows in the negative.  Sometimes it's negative hundreds of dollars.  Which is okay- since I think that there have been some minor errors here and there and basically I think there might be up to $300 more than what is listed in my checkbook.  But who will ever know because there is never a good time to not use the checking account for a week and see where the dust settles.  Sure, I will say this is the week.  But then I debit at Target, write a check for piano, find a gas entry for Dan, and buy groceries.  And now I have to wait ANOTHER week.

Point is- I keep good records.  I am an obsessive compulsive neat freak who CRAVES organization and complete tidyness trapped in a family filled with chaos!  Either that, or I have multiple personalities- one really organized and one hoarder.  Either way- this isn't my fault, obviously.

So I had to give my time to Dave this morning- filling out charts and balancing my checkbook.  Which I almost zeroed out, but I needed to make a couple of online payments so we'll have to wait for those to clear.

I'm not even really sure we need to do this Dave Ramsey thing- seems like I pretty well have our finances under control.

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