Thursday, March 10, 2011

Deep down I think she still needs me

Allyson brought home a permission slip for an afterschool 'bounceapalooza'.  They fill the gym with inflatables, play music for dancing, have all kinds of sugary snacks for sale.  A kids dream.

I asked if she wanted to go.  She asked if I was going to volunteer at it.

I did last time.  Sam and I strapped on plastic gloves and served snow cones, popcorn, hot dogs, mopped up the sticky nightmare of a mess that followed and swept and swept and swept and left there exhausted. 

So I told Ally that I was going to not be able to volunteer this time. 

'Okay' she said, 'Then I'll go'.

Two days later she brings home a flyer about walking club.  Once a week a group of up to 250 kids stay after school and walk a few miles.  They keep track of their distance and talk about healthy bodies and such.  She laid it on the counter and indicated she would like to sign up for the spring club.  After she went to bed I sat down to go through the mountains of paperwork that all three kids bring home from their schools and I found the form.

Neatly printed in a small box in the corner was a note to me from Allyson.  'Mom- do not sign up to walk with us'.

Hmm.  I wonder what all of this is supposed to mean?????  I think deep down she is secretly hoping I will support her in her activities and make them possible by being involved.  AND I think that she will be super stoked if I just surprise her by showing up!  Wait till I tell her about the band concert dinner next week I volunteered for.

It's nice to not be wanted.

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Dan said...

She is just trying to gain independance and as hard as it is we need to support that and pray that the foundation we have laid is strong enough to keep her on the right path. Do not take it personally she just wants to start breaking out of the nest...
We want her to be a strong woman, and I think this is but the beginning.