Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm gonna get some peace one way or the other

Wowzers!  I go through spurts with this poor little blog.  Sometimes in my life I could blog like 3 times a day.  And then there are weeks like this where I am just a little down in the dumps and out of anything to blog about. 

I can feel myself shaking off this horrible overlay of dumpiness- it is coming.  Things will improve, and it's not even really big stuff that I'm wrestling, so no need to worry.  I think more than anything is it our life that feels a bit busy and time that is a bit short.

Dan and I have committed to two different studies.  Ones on Mondays and one is on Tuesdays.  One is Dave Ramsey's financial peace workshop at our church.  He basically is like the Hitler of finances and he says you are not allowed to spend more than you make.  Yeah- like that is gonna work, but we're giving it a whirl.  Our way hasn't exactly landed us in the rich house, so I suppose we'll try it his : )

The other is a biblical counseling program.  And it is changing my entire world.  It is in depth, it is focused 100% on changing your heart and life to live for Jesus, and I LOVE it.  Dan and I do this together, and we both feel how powerful it is. 

But two nights in a row are kind of nutso around here- and that is a bit tiring.  Mondays involve early dinner, early baths, early homework doing- on top of a piano lesson, girlscout meeting, and air show meeting that typically take place on Monday nights.  Fifty bucks says when softball starts they'll have practice on Monday too.  Tuesdays involve dinner, making sure house is tidy, a trip to pick up and deliver a baby sitter, a 30minute drive to the church where we go, 1 hour of quiet bible study with my husband (totally worth it), 30 minute drive home, another trip to deliver baby sitter home and return back home around 10:30.

I can feel positive changes in our lives I know this is gonna be worth it.

Hang with me- someday I promise to have something stupid and semi-funny to blog about again!

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