Monday, March 7, 2011

Goodbye's are never easy

Emily has had the same best friend since her first year in preschool. 

Emily is not really a 'social' child.  She's not antisocial- and she loves other kids- but after a little while she is basically over them.  She's good to hang alone, read, draw, watch a show.
It never surprises me when she has girlfriends over that after an hour or so that emily basically leaves them to play with sam and she goes to do her own thing.
I can imagine her being the type when she grows up to literally 'need' alone time.
Allyson began peppering me with demands for playmates as soon as she could basically talk.
Emily has not.
Except for Katy. 
She is the one she wants at her birthday celebrations, to come over on a rainy afternoon, to go see the new Justin Beiber movie with, and the one she is anxiously waiting to experience her first slumber party with next year.

Two weeks ago Katy was just gone.  She has not been at school since.  I've heard talk that she went to visit her Dad in Florida.  Emily overheard her teacher say she moved. 
They got a new student in her class- she's at Katy's desk.
Emily is concerned.  Beyond concerned actually.  And as I looked at her little face Friday, I saw it.  That look of devastation, sadness that burrows into your soul.
As I held her in my arms, the emotions overcame me and my eyes filled with tears- just like Emily's.
And we sat there on the side of the tub in the bathroom hugging each other and crying.
Because I know how badly it hurts to miss a friend.

Sometimes our friends move away from us, sometimes it is us that moves away from them.
Sometimes you are ready- and others you are not.
Some friendships last a lifetime- others just a season.

My heart is heavy for my Emily.


Anonymous said...

God be with Emily and comfort her...Maybe Emily can have scheduled video chats with her best friend. And be pen pals. She will get excited every time she gets a letter or card ect.

Ronda said...

Poor Emmi Sue. You would have thought the parents would have given you a heads up. It might be worth it to talk to the teacher. Maybe they left a forwarding address...