Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Like a poke in the eye

I get like 60 minutes per day to myself for my own personal selfish things.  This is not all at once mind you- it is broken up along the day.  And it doesn't include restroom breaks. Cause any mother knows that those are not 'by myself'.  I ALWAYS have some little person, or big person (side eye to Dan) tracking me down when I'm in the restroom, but that's a story for another day.

Today- my story is about my magical time of the day between 6:54am and 7:30am.  This is when I start my day.  Now, it's not when I would choose to start my day- but Allyson's school says otherwise.  And although I initially thought I would use the time to excercise, the fat girl in me threw that craziness overboard and instead I use it to drink piping hot coffee and read blogs.  It's also when I typically update mine.  Which is why it has turned to sh*t this past year, cause I'm basically still asleep.  Sorry about that.

But today- Sam is all up in my junk.  He produced his bad self at 5:30 AM in my room........awake for the day.  But still tired.  So we have a bit of whining mixed with uncontrollable hatefullness that is making me want to pluck out my own eyelashes.  He also has began his daily demand list like drinks, food, play a game with me, change the tv channel, and on and on and on...........pre-my morning coffee.

And I still haven't gotten my proper wake up 36 minutes that I require.

I can tell- this day is going to suck big fat giant easter eggs.

(In case you are wondering- my other 24 minutes of personal time is late at night after the kids have gone to bed.  Not immediately when they go to bed- after the 68 trips they make into the living room to tell me they are thirsty, not tired, scared, forgot to read their library book, want different jammies on, have to go potty, need another story or want to see what I'm doing.  My time starts after they quit all that.  And ends when I fall asleep watching a dvr'd show that I will never have time to see the end of.  ever.  Which is why I still don't know who was voted off survivor..........two weeks ago).

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