Saturday, March 12, 2011

Livin' for the LOCK IN- which has apparently been moved to my house

The girls got an invitation to a lock in at the church they play basketball at.  Emily about came unglued.  She could.not.wait!  Allyson however was worried she wouldn't know anyone.

We discussed flashlight tag, scavenger hunts, hide and go seek, pizza parties, movies and all the other things they had planned.

She still was not sold.  Emily was already packed.

In order for me to send Emily to her first every sleepover away from home that was not at grandmas, I really wanted Ally to be there too.  I agreed to let her invite a friend.  Emily didn't need a friend- she was positive she was going to have the time of her life.  She smiled for two weeks straight.

We had a light dinner, loaded sleeping bags, clothing, stuffed animals, pillows and everything they own into the van. 

I explain to the kids that if they are uncomfortable or afraid- not to hesitate to call and I will come get them.  BIG MISTAKE.

See- Sam was bummed because the girls were going and he wasn't.  So I called his favorite cousin in the universe and invited him for a sleep over.  And after that Sam was floating on the ceiling.  And so was I.  How fun- a boys night in!  How cool is that.

I was also pumped to trade my three girls for one boy and finally be home for the night.  To change into my slippers, make the kids some smoothies, play some games and watch movies.  It was gonna be a fun night.

And before my sister and brother in law even left the house.  The phone rang.  It was ally.  They were bored.  THIS is why children shouldn't have cell phones.  Mind you Ally doesn't- but her friend does.  I told her that if they left, Emily would want to too, and she was so excited about this sleep over.  Ally said it was lame and boring and geared for 6 year olds and they needed to leave.  I asked her to give it one more hour (in my heart just knowing that when they started the 'cool' activities they would change their mind.  I mean there were like 100 kids there- it was a PARTY!)

I am confident they spent the next hour hammering Emily trying to convince her to leave.  And exactly 60 minutes later, my phone rings and they say all three of them are ready to go.  And that Emily has stopped crying about having to leave and is actually looking forward to coming home since they bribed her with including her in their activities.

I was so not planning on a huge sleep over of 5 crazy kids at my house after the nutso week I have had.  And I was a bit grumpy.  And I was thankful that Dan went to get them- because I was wiped out.

They were loud, giddy, happy and loud.  We have piles of dirty sheets, blankets and bedding.  But eventually they all did go to sleep and that is good.  And they woke up with the chickens.  So I guess that is good too?

Last night I hugged Emily and told her I missed her.  She said she was sorry she didn't miss me, because she was having so much fun.  And then she told me about all the super fun stuff they did in the short 2 hours she was there and how awesome it was.  But the girls did include her at home- which made her equally happy.  And I think she wasn't too disappointed about missing the lock in afterall.

It makes me want to pound Allyson right on top of her 'super bored, lame' head.  But I didn't, because I know she is growing up and is struggling with being a 'kid' and a 'young lady'.  But I think she went in knowing it was gonna be boring- and never gave it a real try.

But it's all still good.  And Lewis is happy- boy that dog LOVES when the kids have sleepovers.

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