Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Random acts of kindness

I was pulling up the driveway one day last week- all three kids in tow.  They were kind of loud and anxious- in need of time to burn off physical energy but the misty gross rain was preventing them from doing so.  I was also grumpy and anxious- days on end of tightly woven schedules taking a huge toll on me.  The ideas for dinner running through my mind, as well as the list of tasks left for the day making me feel perhaps more weary than I actually was.

As we pulled up to the house- I saw something on the porch.  Wrapped in green tissue paper.  And my heart instantly lightened.  I felt like jumping from the car right then and running to the item.

But instead I squealed.  And the kids began wondering what on earth was wrong with me.  I said I saw a surprise on the porch and we all looked at it from the car and began discussing it.

As I parked the car in the garage- I realized it was probably misdelivered for one of our neighbors.  And I was a bit disappointed.  Afterall, it wasn't my birthday, anniversary, I didn't birth anyone, no sickness, surely not meant for me.  But still exciting none the less.  We'd get to take them to some lucky neighbor of ours.

Sam was first out of the car and RAN to the porch, quickly returning with the still tissue wrapped surprise.  I removed the tissue to reveal a gorgeous spring arrangement of brightly colored flowers nestled in a happy little pail. Complete with a small butterfly tucked into the arrangement.

But no card.

Sam and I discussed how strange it was that we didn't know who they were from or for.  And then sam held up his tiny finger and declared 'A clue.  I fink I saw a clue'.  And he tore back out of the garage.

Seconds later he returned with more green tissue that he had apparently lost in all the excitement- and stapled to it was, in fact, a clue.  Much to my surprise- they were addressed to me.  From a sweet friend who has no idea how her simple act of kindness (and very generous gift) turned my whole outlook on the rest of the day- and my week- around.  My eyes filled with tears and I thanked God for such a pure and kind person to be my friend.

Each time I walk by them- I smile and my heart feels happy.  And I feel blessed.

There is so much pain and turmoil in the world right now- so much scary stuff that we are not sure what the ending will be like.  So many people scared, anxious, alone, defeated.  I wish I could send flowers to the people of Japan.  So they could feel, even for just a moment, how happy it makes you to know that someone else cares.

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