Sunday, March 13, 2011


Be very careful my dear friends, about going on your blog and writing all kinds of stuff about how you used to be so discomoobulated and now you are doing sooooo much better and even on time sometimes.  And be all 'la te da' and 'yay me'. 

Because in the next two weeks you will
  • Loose your debit card
  • Show up late to pick up a whole freakin' troop of girlscouts for a field trip with a child who is clutching his butt cheeks and running to the restroom while you tell the girls to just hang on a few more minutes.
  • Host an impromptu slumber party where you will be deemed the grouchiest person in the world.  And you will know they are right.
  • Show up late to a wholelatta stuff.
  • In your new empowerment of 'I can do it all' you will sign up for like 3 more things and now you are sweatin' it big time (meet your new math club volunteer, mile club mom and first grade play scene maker).
  • Send your first grader to school picture day (only you forget it is school picture day and she is wearing something just a few more wearings from the recycle bin)...........
  • AND THEN you will feed your highly peanut allergic son a cookie containing nothing less than peanut flour.  You will then rush your whole gaggle of children, plus an extra, to the ER where you will realize that you probably haven't brushed you hair yet that day.
And 'POP'- just like that- you will go back to sucking.

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Ronda said...

Just a few questions:
1. Sam must be o.k.? I gather this since you're blogging about it.
2. Are you insane?
3. Is this mile club the same one that Ally asked you not to walk in? Are you going to now supervise?
4. Please reference question number 2 again. I know that's not a question, but you got a minute to breathe, and you signed up for more stuff...the only reasonable question is #2.