Friday, March 11, 2011

Mish Mash Central items 1-5

1. Sunday my whole family was over to celebrate winter birthdays.  It was a brunch- so we put candles in doughnuts and called it a cake.  To me- it was important because my whole family was there.
Family is delicate- and although forever- it is breakable.  And I want mine to stay whole.
Which is why it hurts that my niece is mad at me.  She's mad because I love her and I called her out on a behavior that is not favorable.
And she doesn't want to be a child anymore.
But she still is.
2. Sam convinced me to buy a roll of camo duct tape.  I didn't know why he wanted it so badly.
Until he had me make strips so he could cover his bicycle helmet.
And then I found it charming.
3. Emily had pajama day. There is nothing bigger in the life of a child than pajama day.
We should declare a grown up pajama day.
That would rock.

4. I have no picture of allyson- but she had me take her shopping for a dress for an upcoming band concert.
I envisioned a beautiful cotton knee length dress with wide straps and a nice brighly colored sweater.
Hose with some nice shoes- perhaps a ruffle here or there.
She wasn't envisioning that.
And now we are on the hunt for a sweater to go over this orange strapless number that really does look nice as long as she wears a sweater (but is not what I would pick for my child to wear- but I don't get to pick anymore apparently).  But us agreeing on a sweater is going to be painful.
Almost like 1.5 hours of dress trying on.
And then she tried on skinny jeans- that I declined to purchase because I think they look trashy- and she wasn't disrespectful, but I could tell she was disappointed.
And I was bummed.

5. Basically I'm feeling pretty wiped out by this week and our constant busy activies.
I'm ready for a quiet weekend.  And I think Sam is too.

But first I have to work in emily's classroom this morning, run a couple errands with sam, work a couple hours at the air show, check the girls bags for their lock in tonight (yikes! they are going to spend the night away from home!), remember to pick up Ally from school after her bouncing thing, pick up her friend, make dinner, load their stuff in the car and have them dropped off by 6:30. 
And hopefully my nephew will join Sam for a sleepover of their own.
And I'm gonna crash on the couch like no bodies business.

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