Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011

 Every year we keep a shoe box to keep memoires from our years activities.  And then on new years eve we sit together as a family and go through our year.
We sat and looked and remembered what 2010 had held for our family.
Movie stubs.  Play bills. 40th Birthdays (side eye to Dan). 4 single birthday candles taped to a colorful birthday napkin.  A big #6 candle burned just a litte at the top.  A big giant 11 year old birthday girl sleepover note. Obituaries from people who filled our lives with love and joy.  Kinderolympics medals. Auction slips from dan's grandpas house. 4H ribbons.  Newspaper articles. Postcards from our vacations. A copy of our christmas card.
It was a full year.  Full of blessings.

As tradition dictates- we look through and reminince about each item, package it back into the box and wrap it in paper.  And on that paper we each trace our hands and sign our names.  This year Emily chose to write something she was thankful for on each finger.

It is my hope that in 2011 she will learn to be thankful for Sam.  But right now I can understand I suppose why you would put the fish above someone who hits you and takes your things.  I'm just glad I was included.

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sarah said...

what a wonderful idea! such a great way to look back at all the memories created at the end of the year and in the future