Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm the laundry goddess- welcome to my kingdom

Oh no.  Those are the only words I could come up with as I folded Sam's laundry.  He got a new outfit for his birthday from a certain set of grandparents (not sayin' any names here) and I neglected to wash them alone.  And Sam's whites are paying the price.

I decide it's not that big of a deal- who doesn't like pink underwear anyway?  Dan put his foot down.  He said there was NO WAY Sam could wear these clothes.

Men- I swear.   He's gonna have to move out of my kingdom.

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Anonymous said...

LOL that is not as bad as what I did the other day. We just moved and the friends that helped me moved filled a bunch of stuff from the kids room into a sleeping bag. Toys ect. Well I took all the toys out and washed it with some jeans and stuff. And there was a pink crayon hidden in the sleeping bag!!! Ugggg. I could only get the crayon out of the jeans with vinegar. Do you know how to get crayons out of clothes?