Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What an honor

Allyson was placed in a couple of advanced classes this year when she transitioned to intermediate school.  Reading and math.  I was glad for her.  She really is a bright young woman.

Of course- her grades aren't exactly supporting that right now.  In fact- it turns out that she is in fact not bright enough to just know the vocabulary words.  But she has given it a valiant effort- I must admit.  And we have the total and complete failing papers to prove it.  Looks like she may have to give something else a try- like actually studying them. 

That is not my point.

My point is that she brought home this really exciting resident camp thing for Purdue.  All of the students in the advanced classes are invited to participate in a week long thing this summer at Purdue that includes days filled with all kinds of really cool activities like science stuff, math activities, civil war things, pop art, lego robotics and medical school madness.  She'd get to sleep in an actual dorm and I'm sure it is a really cool week of great memories.

She was not feeling it.

Dan and I talked to her about what a cool opportunity it was, how much fun it would be, I went so far as to look at our calendar and even though we are scheduled to drive to Florida the day that the camp is over- I don't think swinging by Purdue (a mere 3 hours the opposite direction) would be a problem.  This could be an opportunity to give her a taste of 'college life'- to set her on the path to obtain a degree.  Give her a taste of how awesome college is.  Although college doesn't really involve legos or games- but don't tell her that.

She still was like  eh- only if Betsy goes.

I still was huge excited about this opportunity.  Although sending her all the way up there for a whole week with people we don't know- pretty scary stuff.

I got online yesterday to get the details.  Details meaning pricing information.  How much would you say a week of fabulousness is?  $950.  As in dollars.  I have planned entire family vacations on that same budget.  I damn near stroked out.  One thousand habaneros.  No wonder the price wasn't listed on the flier.

Holy cow.

I think she's right- it does sound pretty lamo.  It is too far away.  We don't know these people. And she probably wouldn't have any friends there.  Besides- we leave for Florida that week and we'll need that money for mommas margharitas on the beach.

Besides- we all know she is going to college anyway.
Do they have room moms at college?


Sharon said...

You know, Mynde -- I'm proud of my Granddaughter and all, but I'm sure they do the same thing each summer and she just might be a little more ready for it next year rather than this. I think it's entirely possible that at this point it could go either way in her attitude toward college -- could inspire her to go OR if she had a horrible time could inspire her to not want college at all. Probably a better inspirational college visit would be a weekend with Melissia at IU and it wouldn't be near as expensive. Just a thought.

Oh, and by the way Mynde -- watch your language:)


Ronda said...

I got invited to these things every year. And I also got invited to attend summer school in my own district for a gifted and talented program. Every year, I turned it just was a scheme for them to make me give up my summer. That Allyson of yours is pretty smart -- she's sniffed them out, too.