Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mynde Moments- a plethora of stuff you probably could live without knowing

I haven't changed my earrings in over a week.  This is nothing new for me- but it is a fact so I just wanted to get it out of the way.

I have a sicky child with 102 fever.

In just five short days 11 first grade female children have been invited to our home for a crafting birthday party to celebrate a certain someones birthday.  I'm kind of scared.  And really unprepared.

14 is the year of the can opener in marriage years.  I say that because ours died last night.  Dan is responsible.  He physically broke the magnet thing off of it.  Our marriage outlived our can opener wedding gift- which is huge.  I might send a notification to the newspaper- with a picture of us and our can opener.

The Fly Lady is just a raving lunatic who is trying to show us all up and she can cram it.

There are 38,163 (give or take) pairs of shoes in this house and they are making me stark raving mad.  It is a conspiracy and I am solving this shoe issue TODAY.

My kitchen cabinets, hall closet, laundry room closet and garage are in on it with the shoes.  I will use every single ounce of restraint I have to keep from throwing everything in the entire house out on the front lawn while screaming profanities.

It is raining and washing away our beautiful snow- and that is kind of sucky.  If it were snowing I would feel happy.  I just know it.

I'm going to wash my van today.  I mean it.  And I'm going to vacume up the crushed oreos that Dan spilled all over the place from Sam's birthday cake.  And then I'm going to complain to Dan about it.

Dan will not be able to do anything right today.  I can just tell.  I can't wait for him to get home so I can begin telling him.  I bet he can.

I have to go to walmart (again) to have emilys glasses repaired (again).  I HATE that place.

Emily has been awake since 6am.  Before that she was awake at 3am.  And before that, 1am.   I keep begging her to not wake up Sam.  That could only add to the chaos I already am experiencing.

I want to go see a movie with the kids really bad.  Nothing in particular, just a trip to the movies.  But it costs $800 to take 3 kids to the movies- so we're not going.

I have no pictures of our family in print form from 2009 OR 2010.  I am a huge slacker and I suck.

I have over 1400 my coke points.  Thought you should know.

I started a garage sale box yesterday- today I'm going to fill it up.  And maybe another one too.

I have a solution for the worlds problems, and it involves Orbeez.  I'll spare you the details.

I want a martini- and it isn't even 8am. 

Hope you have a good day and aren't as cranky as I am.

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Sharon said...

Will try to make you feel better, Sweetheart by letting you know there is another 'magic day...week....month' unfolding just a few minutes away from you -- it goes like this:

Managed to get to Rehab Therapy yesterday without the car exploding (off to a good start) -- they said they missed me for it had been very quiet with me gone (isn't it a pitiful life here?).........stopped at CVS to buy support hose (my big shopping trip and purchase of the week /lordy, this is pitiful .. would much rather have been at Nordstroms or Macys checking out their sale racks but no, the water I'm holding in my feet and legs requires these new additions to my wardrobe and it looks like a lot of my shopping from now on is going to be in rehab stores and we are not talking furniture here:)..............got home, put away the extra oxygen tank and realized that somewhere out there lies one of my solid gold wide hoop earrings which apparently came out when I removed the oxygen canula at the hospital or somewhere........on to putting out the trash for pickup and being so happy that I was able to do that AND remove my boots before having to reattach the oxygen.

Oh, shades of yesteryear when I took everything so for granted.

Back to your post -- Yea for the can opener biting the dust...I always disliked that thing and never could really use it (ask the kids). Hope this isn't starting another 'things in threes' in your appliances, tho.

As to the rain today -- just heard the forecast and it looks like Mother Nature is washing away the old dirty stuff to make way for new white stuff on Thursday -- 3-5" and possibly more.

So, my darling daughter, 'chin up' -- maybe somebody will whack it in Walmart today and you will get to collect a bunch of money and buy a new can opener.

Love you.....Mom