Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Powdered Sugar Pirate

Tomorrow a certain somebody turns five.  FIVE. F to the ive.
I can feel the tears stinging my eyes already.
How on earth could he possibly be five already?
 Birthday weeks bring snack bucket days at preschool.  And although there are perfectly good options that are gorgeous and consistent available for purchase- I ALWAYS make their special birthday treats.  At least until they get old enough (cough cough Allyson) to begin asking for store brand cakes like that year she wanted a DQ Icecream cake or last year when she specifically requested a certain friend of my decorate her birthday candle holding confectionary.


Those are spider man by the way.  The kid for the second year in a row requested spiderman.  Last year though he wanted spongebob, a snowman AND spiderman- so this seemed like a much easier request.  And again- I'm not sure why the Lord provided me with the desire to do these artsy things and no skill- but the kid didn't seem to mind this morning when he saw them.  If the other dozen preschoolers let me off as easy we are home free.

 I went to the special cake place to check out icing markers (I'm not even sure if that is what they are called- but I needed something and I assumed they would have it) and I found this.  Spiderman specific icing colors.  Leaving nothing to chance- I jumped on it.  And since the red and the black frosting only needed a TOOTHPICK dipped into the color and mixed with my double batch of icing- we are good to go on the spiderman color set for many years to come.

But his actual real live birthday cake on his actual birthday??????  A lego monster truck cake.  I only divulge that here because he can't read and doesn't follow my blog anyway.  It's a surprise.  Crushed up oreos for dirt, mountains for the truck to climb, crushed rock candy rocky cliffy things.  I envision total and complete awesomeness.  We'll see what actually happens.  Ally is constructing the monster truck lego car as I type.  Then all we have to do is hide it until the big reveal
The big reveal being when I try and convince Sam that that strange looking cake covered in crystalized sugar is really a cool monster truck lego cake.
And then he'll ask for an ice cream cake from DQ next year.
 While I was busy mixing up sugar cookie dough last night- Sam was busy horsing around with the camera.
 You see fuzzy kid.  I see all those stinkin' orbeez on the floor in the background.
 This toy plays the Marvel Super Hero theme song.  Really loud.  Really really loud.

Flattering- don't you think?  I was told my a militant blonde preschooler to hold that bottle of Orbeez while swinging it back and forth and singing Arg Arg Arg
I'm just a arg singing ,bottle swinging full of orbeeze, cookie baking pirate.

There was another picture of my behind that had Sam cracking up.  I'm not posting it.
You're welcome.

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