Monday, January 17, 2011

A birthday fit for an emi sue

 Seven years ago this sweet young lady entered our world.  Full of energy and life- excitement and wonder.  It was a blessed day that will forever live in my heart as one of my favorites.  Because it gave me my emi.
 For three days before her birthday this child begged to open her gift.  Rest assured that as soon as her eyes popped open on 'the big day' she got to open them.  It was 8:00am.  That is her breakfast on the table.  And in her hands- penbo the talking penguin who carries a baby penguin in it's belly.
 Dan is not going to win any fabulous grandpa awards from penbo.
 I managed to leave my camera at home- but our day involved a trip to build a bear (that is what emily really wanted for her birthday) and then dinner at chuck e cheese.  About an hour and a half after we arrived at the joint Emily's eyes looked glassy.  She proceeded to give all of the rest of her tokens to sam and ally and she sat down in the booth and closed her eyes while resting her head on her hands.  She was burning up with fever.  It came from nowhere. Just a sneezy morning and the starts of a running nose in the am- and then BLAM!  We came home and she curled up on the airmattress in the living room (where they camped out the night before) and went to sleep.

 Around 11pm she awoke and decided she wanted to do her birthday cake.  I was glad, because I hated to put her to bed on her birthday without seeing her blow out her candles.  That lonely birthday cake sat on the counter all alone all day waiting it's big moment- and it finally came.
 Ally suggested a rainbow cake- we decided to give it a whirl.  I colored and layered the batter- she did all the fancy icing decorating and sam helped with the sprinkes.  Birthday cakes are an event in our home- one of my favorite parts of their big day!
 My sweet emi- I hope you had a good day right up until you didn't feel so good anymore.  I love you with all of my heart- and I feel blessed to be your mother.  You have a huge heart and big eyes and a tender loving soul.  I feel honored to hold your hand and snuggle you up and kissy you goodnight.  I would have never ever been complete without you coming into my world.  Thank you for being the perfect emily elizabeth pearl in the entire universe.  Welcome to seven, may your new year wonderful!

Our three new buildabear babies. 
I couldn't help but smile.  They are as unique as the kids who selected them.

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