Monday, January 10, 2011

Livin' the dream

Friday night I may or may not have gone to bed with an entire sink full of dirty dishes.  And a house absolutely full of dirty laundry.  And three children who needed bathed but convinced me to do it in the morning instead.

I have run my behind off none stop- last week included- and I did not make our home my priority.  I just couldn't.  But I did manage to take down our Christmas decorations and clean- so I think that earns at least one gold star (if not two, but who's counting).

Saturday morning I rise with the chickens.  If chickens sleep in until 8am that is.

I start some laundry, make my coffee, do a little bloggin', unload the dishwasher, start to reload, turn on the faucet to rinse my sink of dirtiness and..............................nothing.

Not a drop, drip, plop, sprinkle, nothing.  no.water.

One of the benefits of living in the sticks is that we are on a well.  No public water, no risk of mass terrorist attacks on public water supplies, no water bill.  Just pure clean water being pumped from the earth into my humble abode.  Until it doesn't.  Then all sh#* hits the fan and a house wife woman turns to sheer panic as she realizes that bathing three kids and being at a basketball game in one hour without a single drop of water is going to be the EASIEST part of her day.

Long story short- it is now Monday at 7am.  Almost a full 48 hours post water disappearance.  We still have no water.  But there might be a guy picking up a well pump and installing it this morning.  And it is my sincere prayer that that solves this issue.  I have now embraced the expense of a new well pump.  I'm not sure I can handle anything else.

I have showered at my mothers.  I have washed kids at my sister in laws.  I have hosted Sam's birthday dinner celebration there as well (how kind of us to invite them for dinner and then come crashing in at their house instead).  I have boiled water (borrowed from a neighbors garden hose) to wash dishes that I could no longer stand the site of.  I have brushed my teeth with 3.5 tsp of bottled water.  And I have gone one errands we didn't need to go on just to use the public restroom.  I feel like a freakin' pioneer.

Tires and well pumps- the most expensive things we have purchased in a long time (before that was the stupid furnace and air conditioner), none of which are fun or exciting to shop for. 

Why is homeownership so highly regarded?  It is not making much sense to me at the current moment.

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Halala Mama said...

Ahhh Mynde...let me introduce you to my apartment dwelling neighbors and THEN you will again embrace home ownership.... Good luck with the pump. We always had well water growing up and I sure miss it.