Friday, January 21, 2011

That's it- I'm taking matters into my own hands

Grey's Anatomy was a rerun last night.  It seems like every other week they have reruns.  Unless it's summer or christmas, and then they take 4-6 weeks of reruns.  It's insane.  I'm going to stop watching.  Not really of course, because it is like my crack and I begin going into withdrawals.

See- for the most part I have just a small handful of shows I watch each week that are all mine.  Grey's is one of them.  I wait for it like the UPS delivery guy.  It's like Christmas every Thursday- except it's more like every 3rd thursday give or take because they are not regular or dependable.  At.All.  And to a woman who spends the majority of her day washing other peoples underwear, scrubbing toothpaste out of the sinks and mopping urine off the bathroom floor (uhg)- my only breaks are when Sam demands I play legos with him and when I settle in to watch my Grey's.  Which sometimes is days after it airs because private moments are rare around these parts.

That being said- Sam and I have taken matters into our own hands.  So for your viewing pleasure- may I present the first ever Grey's Anatomy...... in legos.
After a long night shift in the OR- Kerev and McDreamy finish their shifts and say goodbye to the other residents waiting in the ambulance bay.
They each get in their respective motor vehicle.  Oh no- Kerev and McDreamy are wrestling with their constant fears to be bad boys and drive too fast again.  They jet off down the street- smoke rolling from their tiny rubber tires.  Drag racing each other.
Just as suspected, Kerev looses control and they crash.  McDreamy is thrown from his hot rod and is trapped under the wheel.
Meredith hears the crash from the ER bay. She rushes to the site- but unsure of how to proceed she calls the chief.
The chief explains that he is heading into a super important surgery and he can not come and help her.  She will have to use a hand drill to release the swelling in her lovies head. 
Armed with nothing more than an alcohol wipe, a power drill and her hospital id tag she does the unthinkable.
The chief explains very carefully to measure two finger widths (not three) from the mincus pernium and drill .18 centimeters only while keeping pressure on the furius maximus. 
All while he performs his own very complicated noggin reattachmentium surgery.
To make matters worse, the nurses are all on strike.  So he is all alone in the operating room.
Up in the gallery- the interns are wondering who on earth the chief is talking to when they receive an urgent beeper message.
They are to report to the ER immediately.  There has been an explosion and many are in route.  STAT. 
The carnage is horrible.  Worse than they imagined.
Their only hope is that someone will bring a cooler of legs and arms.  And heads.
Meanwhile- Meredith finishes up her fancy brain drilling surgery, manages to hoist the car off of McDreamy and she loads both men into a jeep and speeds to the hospital.
Luckily she has worn her blue flashing light hat and is able to make siren sounds out of the window so she can get around traffic quickly.  Don't die on her McDreamy.  And of course Kerev- but really the show wouldn't stop without him.  But McDreamy- it would.  But she cheers for both because she is a people pleaser- Stay with me Derik.....oh and you too Alex.
She arrives in the ambulance bay- luckily missing the two headed dragon that has set up shop there- and the chief fixes both men and now they are fine.

Afterward- the two interns are in the on call room.
They complain that there is not room for both of them in the same bunk- because anyone who has seen the show KNOWS what they do in the on call room (any medical people out there- is this really how it works in real life hospitals???).  So they decide to just take a nap instead.
The chief gathers everyone under that fancy staircase (use your imagination- I ran out of patience and legos).  "Good work today people. Way to use your heads"

And Meredith goes to the bathroom to take another pregnancy test.

The end.

Here's hoping they have a new episode next week.  I'd hate to make you live through this again.


Mary said...

omg!!! this is the best one ever- & apparently you are in serious need of a night out with martini'S. (the S is big because you need more than 1!) Funny stuff mynde!

Ronda said...

Dang. No wonder you didn't notice your phone wasn't working! You've been a very busy girl. Love it, but don't ever say the show would be o.k. without Alex. That's just not right.

Mynde said...

Yay Yay Yay for comments! That means I must have unclicked whatever was clicked or whatever?

I should have known you were an Alex girl Ronda. Geez. I promise not to kill him off in lego land- but Sam is notorius for loosing their heads and arms- so no promises there. And Mary- yes, yes, yes, and yes. Obviously I am going stark raving mad here!

Sharon said...

I think this should go to the Gray's Anatomy Website wherever that is -- you definitely need some recognition for this one.


Dan said...

Oh NO!! I actually knew what you were talking about. I am scared. I must say lego Grey's is better than the tv variety, no commercials and a wild eyed team of writers make this a big thumbs up!

Vicki said...

Good story line, Mynde! I think the writers at Grey's could use this as a script. You should submit it!

BTW, a gal I work with is Justin Chamber's (Alex Karev)
sis-in-law. She sees/talks to him all the time. Isn't that cool?! My (very light) brush with fame. LOL

Halala Mama said...

I don't follow Grey's but the adolescent in me watches Glee. They've been on break for almost six weeks. Could you do a Glee episode for me? Preferable one in which Finn and Rachel get back together!! Thanks!

Mary said...

oh yes, GLEE would be great fun in lego-land!!!

Mynde said...

I don't speak 'glee'. But I could possibly do desperate housewives?

Or hoarders.