Tuesday, January 11, 2011


One Eleven Eleven- today is going to be a special day, I can just feel it.

But in a total opposite direction, we wrapped up Sam's birthday week celebration with family this weekend.  I wasn't positive we were going to be able to get together and I was kind of panicking because he was sooo excited about his weekend 'party', so I was relieved that it worked out.  A couple of other back up plans had already fallen through and I wasn't looking forward to giving him bad news.  So yay for family birthday dinners!

Without water- there was no way we could have anyone here.  My mind immediately went to chucke cheese- lucky for me my sister in law just invited us over there.  I brought all the food and cooked it in their kitchen- the kids played, we ate, it was really nice.

And Sam is now officially five.  Wowzers.

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