Saturday, January 8, 2011

An addition....

I have really exciting news, I've added another member to our family.

To our blog family that is.

I am really loving couponing right now- so I decided to jump in and launch another blog to focus solely on that.  Not every deal in the universe- just the ones that I find to be fabulous fits for my family.  And to share how it really is possible for everyone to save money with coupons.

I used to use a lot of coupons, but then I had lots of little kids and it becomes very difficult to pilpher through coupons while holding a baby and chasing a toddler and it fell to the wayside except for diapers.  I always used coupons for diapers.

But now I'm back!  And it's bigger than it ever dreamed of being before.  I buy multiple sunday papers so that I can have multiple coupons and when I find a sale that works with the coupons I've got- I jump on it and buy 4-7 of them.  I am building a small stockpile for our family that we've never had before.  Typically before we had one of everything, which is plenty.  But when we'd run out- I'd run to the store and pay full price for whatever it was because we were out and we needed it.  Which is really convenient to drop everything to run out at 8pm on a Tuesday night because you just found out that your husband is out of deodorant or your daughter used the last of the toothpaste yesterday.

Those days are gone.  And I am lovin' seeing how far I can stretch an already pretty thin budget- and even have some left over!

If you are so inclined- or even a little bit curious- feel free to pop in at Pennies to Pasta, my brand new bouncing baby blog.  

And even if you don't coupon- don't miss out on that $2 velveeta at Marsh this week (coupon is in the circular).  Everybody loves velveeta, right?


Anonymous said...

Hey Mynde,

Thanks for the information about your new blog. Looked at it and love it. I am sorry I would have left a comment on there but I didn't have a profile or whatever. Since you are a master at this can you share some advise. I have been trying to get this going for a couple months now myself but for many reasons do not have tons of time. Can you tell me what binder sheets you use so that you don't have to fold coupons all the time? I started out using baseball card insets but I just spend to much time folding coupons just to overlook expiration dates and such. Also, do you subscribe to extra papers or go to the dollar store or gas station? Thanks for your advise and I look forward to reading about your great finds! Thanks again for your help and knowledge.

Sarah Kirlin

Pennie said...

Mynde: Check out TLC Couponing - just google it. You might be able to get on the show!!

Mynde said...

Yeah right miss pennie! Did you watch that show- those people are professionals. Some of them are hoarders. All of them are super serious about this coupon business. They would chew me up and spit me on the floor with my 6 handsoaps and 12 bottles of shampoo!

Pennie said...

Mynde: You never know. They might want some "normal" people that do couponing and then contribute some of their stash to good causes!!