Wednesday, December 1, 2010

An style (I may use this as my Christmas Card)

1.  I managed to lock myself out of our house on Wednesday (the one that was the DAY before Thanksgiving) and spent 3 hours trying to hunt down someone with a key to our home (cough cough mom cough) and then I was officially in whiny wife mode all night long because I was 3 hours behind cooking and cleaning.  Joy.  (I now have a key to our home on my keyring (mom doesn't as of this moment) and we have a brand spankin new garage door opener and I was only up until 1am cooking all of the food that I was to contribute to 2 family dinners).

2.  We are going to the circus tonight- as in the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!  For my birthday I begged dan to get me circus tickets for our family.  He graciously said no- and then surprised me with the cash so that I could drag 3 children downtown to buy them myself- which I was so very very glad to do since it was for the CIRCUS!  I can't wait to take these guys tonight.  Can't.Wait.

3.  I found out in front of God and everyone on Sunday in church that the children's workshop where 30+ kids get to each make 5-7 crafts each in 2 short hours that I coordinate is in fact only 1.5 weeks away instead of 2.5 that I had in my head. Clearly, since I am the one who picked the date, I knew what the date was- I just had in my mind that I had WAY more time than I actually do.  We all serve God in our own way- I do it with glitter and glue.  Apparently in one week instead of two.

4. Had to take our dog, Lewis, to the vet.  He is itchy, swollen, bleeding and really just a huge hairless patch of a mess.  I have avoided the vet like the plague- because we stopped giving him the appetite suppressants and he is still a little chubby (smile).  But we broke down, she broke our checkbook.  Dog should stop itching soon.

5. My halls aren't decked.  But I might deck my husband (that makes me laugh every time I think it- I stole it from my friend- she doesn't read my blog- she is my non-blog-readin-friend who beats her husband).

6. Allyson outgrew another winter coat.  I made her try it on to prove it.  Aren't 3/4 length sleeves in coats in style this year????

7. My kids keep finding my hidden bags of christmas gifts.  Crap.

8. I got a huge kick in the stomach on Sunday when I found out an old friend, very dear friend, and her husband are separating.  I have cried every day since. 

9. Today is 15% off day at walgreens.  Print your coupon and I'll meet you there.

10.  My sister in law asked if I would give a 'coupon talk' to their ladies group at her church.  I feel like a giddy child. 

11.  Tomorrow is Sam's surgery.  Dr. Eye Surgeon- if you read my blog- please take tonight easy, head to bed early, eat a good breakfast and be on your best game at 8:45.  My life depends on it.  I have never felt more scared/worried/concerned in my life.  I will be so very glad when it is all over- and my Sammy is fine.  In the car last night, I was talking with all three about it- kind of mostly for Sam and Emily's sake so that they would know what was gonna go down.  Emily asks if Sam will get shots.  Sam starts whimpering.  Sam asks Emily if shots hurt.  Emily responds OH YEAH! Sam hides his head in his sweatshirt.  Emily goes on and on and on about when she went to the hospital for her stitches she got four shots and they hurt so bad she cried.  It was awful. blah blah blah.  I could have opened the door and thrown her out.  I promised Sam he won't get any shots.  Puleeze let me be right.

On a very serious side note- Please pray for my Sam tomorrow.  Pray for a positive outcome to the surgery, comfort for his little baby soul when he is afraid, quick and flawless healing, guidance for the surgeons hands, and strength for his body to handle the anesthesia well.  And he would ask that you pray he doesn't get any shots. thanks.

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HalalaMama said...

You crack me up. Good luck with the little one's surgery tomorrow!