Sunday, December 12, 2010


Dan and I were blessed with the opportunity last night for a sitter.  Which equalled a real live grown up dinner in a real live glass dishes restaurant with some real live friends.  YAY!

After dinner- the rain squelched any plans of drunken tours of christmas lights on foot- so we said farewell and planned our last two hours of freedom.  Which of course meant  a trip to Toys R Us.  Kids change you- there is no denying that.

However, we were both stoked to get to browse the aisles sans children - with each other.  This hasn't happened in over a year.  And with the upcoming Christmas holiday- we both were anxious to get to shop for the kids!

I was impressed by the 3476 different lego sets- some equalling the cost of a small vehicle.  Who knew?  I just thought legos were legos and maybe you could pick a color- but there are even brand name sets from movies and stuff and there is NO WAY IN HECK I am going to select one of them.  Because you know who assembles those complex pieces of art?  ME!  And I lack patience.  So until little mans hands and brain can work together to read the 16 pages of instructions that come with those gorgeous things- we just need plain blocks that take imagination please.  Maybe some wheels.

Then on to the arts and crafts area.  Oh how my girls love this stuff.  All the sets.  Make your own erasers.  Make your own crayons.  Pixos. Orbeez. Ahhhhhh.  Dan's eyes glassed over.  He asked about the time.  What time our sitter was there until. What time the store closed.  What time it was in France.  I got hurt feelings- he was rushing me and I NEVER get to browse. 

I gave up and began walking to another section.  And then I realized that there are in fact whole sections of the store that we no longer need to shop.  Whole sections.  Small plastic wobbling people sections.  Small fisher price people sections.  Little bitty teething toy sections.  My baybeeeeeeeez!


Dan stopped at the skate boards.  He feels it's time for a beginner one for Sam.  Which I rightfully pointed out he has- one with a handle (also known as a scooter).  I have ZERO desire to put my child onto a board with fast spinning wheels and send him flying down the driveway.  We are raising the next evil kinevel and he needs NO encouragement to do dangerous things.  I. can't. do. it.  There has been more than one day that I was thankful he couldn't get his bike up the rockwall to ride it down the slide- a skateboard is WAY too portable.  My vote- NO.

Off to radio controlled cars.  And as Dan began talking megavoltz and driving capacity- shock this and steering that- I couldn't help but long to be across the aisle in the fancy girl section of make up, socks, polly pockets.  I left him there alone.  Cold.

But he came to get me.  He needed my opinion.  Blah blah- steering- blah blah batteries- blah blah capacity.  I couldn't understand a word.  And all I could see were the same exact vehicles in different sizes and prices.  They are all the same thing- I vote the $20 one.  But trying to be supportive I found a pretty yellow one with light up flame tail pipes and promptly brought Dan to it.  Because it was so shiny and pretty.  He started again with greek.  Whatever.  I went packing to fingernail polish land.  I speak that language.

We left the store with a $20 game that was on their list last year but sold out in all of the stores.  And that was it.  No RC car, no arts and crafts, no polish- and most certainly no skateboard.

As I curled up last night with the kids to watch a christmas movie- emily was rubbing my back and I was building a lego boat with sam, I asked Emi what she was hoping Santa would bring for Christmas.

A wooden guitar.

Perfect.  That I can do.

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HalalaMama said...

OMG I tried shopping online and it's ENDLESS. I want one, big, good gift for a two year old and narrowing it down is nearly impossible! I see Toys R Us in my near future, God help me. But yesterday, I found myself in the infant section of WalMart looking for bath toys. ::sniffle, sob:: All the baby baby stuff! Sigh.