Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Baby Jesus and a bus

There are things that come pouring from our mouths as mothers that we could have NEVER imagined saying in a million years prior to kids.  Things like 'everyone check your shoes for poop', 'who put the phone in the refrigerator' and 'don't shove food up your nose'.  They are all very valid things to say mind you, but only if you have small people living in your home.

Every year at Christmas we put out a nativity.  It is a fine, handpainted variety- each and every detail carefully etched out with different colored paints.  It includes a manger and a small bed of hay for the baby to lay on. Only the finest items for our home I tell you.

 It is not a one of a kind- and if you are in the market for a new nativity for your abode I would highly recommend this one.  It is the Fisher Price Little People Nativity playset.  I LOVE IT.  I'm not sure why- but it speaks to me.  It will decorate our home every year at Christmas for the rest of my days.

Every year I love watching the kids play with it, and arrange it, and discuss it.  It's hands on and it's very me.  We are not fine or elegant people and I would drive myself insane glue porcelin Kings back together.  So this fits in our family.

This week, as I was trying to sweep all items back to their original homes in our house, I was gathering the manger out of the entry way and I noticed that some of it was missing.  And before I could think a thing about it I found myself screaming down the hall to Sam "Where is baby Jesus?  Sam- do you have baby Jesus?  Is he in the barn?  Did you put him with the circus?  Come on you guys- I can't find baby Jesus.  Look around- does anyone see him?  And Joseph too- I can't find Joseph.  He's probably with Jesus."

Thank heavens it's winter and the windows were closed.  The neighbors would think I had lost my mind.  Or would finally have the confirmation they have been waiting for.

Rest assured that Jesus and Joseph did in fact turn up.  They were on the school bus- just as I suspected.  And now they are back in the manger where they belong.  At least until the Monster Jam comes to my living room- then they'll probably head over there.

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