Monday, December 27, 2010

In just 48 short hours

 I'm not complaining- I am just being real here.  Being the momma makes for a lot of tireless work.  In the past week I have baked, iced, cleaned, shopped, prepared food, dipped in chocolate, delivered gifts, written christmas cards (should you not have gotten one- no hard feelings I scaled way back and only sent a few- so merry christmas), sorted receipts, wrapped and wrapped and wrapped gifts, and cooked.  All in preparation for Christmas Day.  I LOVE Christmas time.  It is worth the preparation.  And I am always super disappointed when it is over.

Here is a recap of the actual 48 hours of Christmas. (disclaimer- most pictures don't go with the thoughts- so don't get too confused)
 We prepared, and delivered, trays of baked christmas goodies to all of our neighbors except two.  They were not home- not excluded.  They still sit on my counter today.  We are going to take them this afternoon- I swear.
 (side note- I have missed my dad extra special this year). We got to visit with both sides of our family.  Everyone except Aunt Lori who was down with the flu.  I think she was either really sick- or a genious.  I'm still trying to decide (a whole day at home alone with nothing but christmas movie marathons, a warm blankie and twinkling lights????)  But she missed out on barbeque weinies and children asking how long until we open presents every 15 seconds for 3 hours.  I'm the winner here- at least I think.
 I have smiled more than I have in weeks.  I swear.
 I have cried tears.  Lots of tears.  And I have laughed until I cried.  And I have cried because I was overwhelmed.  And because I was so happy.  And I have cried because I ran out of corn syrup. (who gets their monthly visitor at Christmas  I have laughed lots of laughs.  I have had a super huge sinus infection and started antibiotics.  I have pushed through all of the things to do even though I just wanted to crawl into bed.
 I have shared my favorite fancy meal with my family (christmas morning= wine glasses, clothe napkins, a birthday candle for Jesus always, quiche, bacon, and whatever else we decide is appropriate).
 I have stood in amazement at the excitement of the holiday.  I love seeing how filled with anticipation the kids are- it is my favorite time of the whole year- except possibly Halloween, and Thanksgiving, and the kids birthdays.  Apparently I love it all.  But especially Christmas.
 I have assembled the Target dog and a garbage truck out of legos. Against my will.
 I have almost mastered the fine art of picking up Orbeez without squishing them.  If you are unfamiliar with Orbeez- I will post about them later, promise.  How could I be blessed with the gift of 2000 tiny balls of squishy bouncy jelloish stuff and not blog about that?
 I have washed 2865 dishes.  Really.
 I have replaced a string on a guitar.  A skill I never thought I would get the chance to aquire.
 I have felt so blessed to have a God who would send His Son to die for us.  And as always, I have really spent some time reflecting on Mary.  As a mother- I can't help but relate to her.  And I have also found blessing in my husband.  A man who would go to the store to buy special gold wrapping paper (the expensive kind) to wrap my presents in.  He thinks he short changed me- he has no idea how blessed I really am.  But don't tell him because it keeps him on his toes.
 I have gotten to sit down for 45 minutes total- but not all at one time.  But hearing my children 'squeal' is totally worth the work.
 I have prayed for my father in law- and mother in law.  And I have HATED cancer.
 I have heard 314 ballads on a new electronic keyboard.
 I have had a sleepover with my favorite little man.  And beast. 
I have listened to Dan teach Sam to 'shave'.
I have cut 648 toys from packages.  Toys that cost less than the packaging they were in.  No joking.
I have installed 897 batteries, cleaned up 16 trees worth of wrapping paper, felt my hips cramp from wrapping said packages while crawling around on the floor, cut through plastic tape with my teeth, scrubbed crock pots, sliced cheese and sausage, chopped vegetables, eaten 6000 calories (I'm not even joking), watched christmas specials with the kids (while building stuff with legos and playing board games with a four year old Hitler faster, bigger, better), began planning a certain someones 5th birthday celebration, worn brand spankin new underwear thanks Dan! , cried tears of joy- love and happiness, and washed laundry because no one gets a day off from that.

I'm so tired I think I'm going to die.  But it's monday again and I have to go to work for a while.  With all three kids in tow.

Can't wait for the new years celebration.  At least I don't have to wrap anything for that holiday.  And I get an extra day 'off'.

Just a side note here- Dear Mr. Winter, you're on.  Now Christmas is over and all of the excitement of the rest of the season is all yours.  Bring.It.On.  Snow Snow and more Snow.  I want to sled, build snowmen and sip hot cocoa.  I heard tales of rain and warmer weather.  No.  Bring the snow.  Thanks!  Love, your biggest fan.

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Aleyna Katerina said...

I've just stumbled upon your blog and have to say this is a wonderful christmas post!!