Saturday, December 4, 2010

My three ring circus

 For my birthday all I wanted was tickets to the circus...........
 and thankfully (for me) Dan obliged with five tickets to fabulousness!
 And it WAS fabulous.
 And it was thrilling.
 And I thought Sam was going to pop out of his skin when all of these motorcycles got in this cage and started going loopty loop.

 But when this guy fired up his motorcycle and began driving across the high wire right.above.our.seats, I'm relatively sure I heard Sam pick his career path.

And if that is the case- I will be the guy running around underneath of him with a fire extinguisher and a net.  Which solves my problem of what to do when my children grow up.

 Allyson loved these guys and their colorful stringy costumes.
 Emily loved the girls in their fancy dresses and costumes.
 And I loved the view from my seat.

Just a few items of interest.

The circus has changed significantly over the years.
1. They ride segways in the parade.
2. The three rings are inflatable balloon things instead of the stackable metal curves.
3. There are very sexy acts and costumes.
4. Giant tv screens with graphics come up and down from the ceiling.
5. Light up whirly gig wand things are $26.  We own 0- which makes us the meanest parents in the world in Sam's book, and I'm okay with that.
6. There is still a lady who hangs from her hair.
7. I will still always feel sorry for the elephants and tigers.
8. There is still nothing better than a really great circus!

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Dan said...

Thanks for including us in your birthday wish. It is a memory I will treasure. It was a great family outting and I have you to thank that Sam was comforted with the $1 toy you planned ahead and brought to sooth his wants.