Monday, December 13, 2010

Science Fair Excitement!

I can't believe it- it is finally time for me Ally to complete a science fair project.  I she has been waiting for this moment all of my her life.  There is nothing I she loves more than a great science fair project.

Except it is voluntary.  And she decided she didn't want to do it.  OVER.MY.DEAD.BODY.  We ARE doing it.  I need this.  She needs this.  But just to be sure- I called the school to see if I could submit my own project, apparently it is just for the students.  Which actually works out, since I have one of those.  So we I decide- science fair is a go.

What should I she do?  So many possibilities.  Mold.  Decay.  Dissolving minerals.  I she couldn't decide easily.  Finally- a decision was made.  How will plants sprout with three different liquids.  Water- diet dr. pepper- vinegar.  I really wanted a fourth- vegetable oil.  But she drew the line.

I prepared a spreadsheet in excel to track my her progress.  It has a line and box for every day- one box for each different liquid.  I We hung the seeds (pea pods) just barely over the liquids with tuling net.  Ally made labels for each jar.  (clearly I would have printed them on small labels with a border- and I might have spelled them all right.) I we put saran wrap over the top to make them nice and cozy warm.  And then I we placed them in some gentle sunlight.  And that was 5 days ago.  And now our her babies have sprouted. 

Which is because I talk to them every day, I'm sure.

Holy cow this is so exciting!  All but the vinegar have little baby roots and sprouts.  Yay Yay Yay.

I she can hardly wait to make the three sided display board for the final project.  I'm she is envisioning fancy colored stickable letters- typed up journals- a final report to blow their socks off!  We she will line up her final plants- present my her hypothosis and my her final findings.  We she will color pictures on the board and mount everything on colored paper.  I may even finally have a reason to buy one of those paper shape cutting machines- after all education is important and Dan can not deny that.  Maybe we she will embellish with some glittery glue.  Too much?  I think not.  Nothing is too good for the science fair. It will be so much fun!

I am concerned though, as to what one wears to the actual science fair.  Should I wear a suit- or is a simple dress good enough.  Hair up?  Down?  A Bun?  Too scholarly?  At least we have a month before those kind of decisions have to be addressed.

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